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Fusion Chocolate Vodka
Fusion Chocolate Vodka

Fusion - In nuclear physics, nuclear chemistry and astrophysics nuclear fusion is the process by which two or more atomic nuclei join together, or "fuse", to form a single heavier nucleus. This is usually accompanied by the release or absorption of large quantities of energy, in the case of COLD VODKA FUSION, a fantastic release of flavour!

Nicolas van der Merwe Syrah
Nicolas van der Merwe Syrah

Hand selected grapes from a low producting old vineyard on a cool slope with no irrigation for natural concentration fermented in open tanks with plunging and pumping over.  It matured 12 months in 100% American Oak barrels.  This wine is full bodied with a typical warm mouth feel, soft tannins, a long finish and spicy flavours.  It is made and selected to mature for many years in the bottle.
This style is to compliment venison, beef or all heavy cuisine and cheese. 

Boschendal Chenin Blanc
Boschendal Chenin Blanc

The full potential of this famous white grape varietal is expressed in the Boschendal Cenin Blanc, which is a true local favourite. The wine is made from fruit grown on the sunny slopes of the Western Cape mountains and is unwooded to maintain the unique natural flavours. Refreshing with subtle layers of peach and melon, this unwooded white wine has a firm and lingering finish adding a dash of complexity.

fusion chocolate vodka 49.95-25.00
nicolas van der merwe syrah 49.95-39.95
boschendal chenin blanc 24.95-17.99